Judge.me closing down

Dear customer,

Judge.me has ceased operations on Monday July 1st, 2013.

All current and future cases are referred to Net-Arb, a leading provider of online arbitration. Like Judge.me, Net-Arb uses an email arbitration system and offers ex aequo et bono arbitration. If you liked the Judge.me service you will feel right at home at Net-Arb. Recently Net-Arb also partnered with BTCJam, the leading provider of peer to peer Bitcoin loans. We are thus confident that Net-Arb is also a great fit for the part of our client base that prefers to trade with cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, all payments on open cases have been reimbursed. Please note that this does not imply any decision on the arbitrability of these disputes. Instead, Judge.me refers those administrative powers to Net-Arb.

Last but not least, thank you to the arbitration and libertarian communities for the overwhelming support we have received during our 18 months of operations. This support made it that much harder to close the digital curtain.

Kind regards,

The Judge.me team