About Us

The Judge.me Owners

Judge.me is 100% owned by the team running it. Everybody on the team is a co-owner.

Peter-Jan Celis

Founder, CEO

Peter-Jan "PJ" Celis wrote our first line of code on his 29th birthday in January 2015. He first worked on Judge.me as a weekend and evening project, going full time in June of 2016.

Before Judge.me, PJ has done a bit of everything: strategy consulting, Ruby on Rails developer, marketing lead in medical tourism, founder of an online arbitration company.

PJ is from Belgium but now lives in Saigon, Vietnam. He holds a master degree in applied economics from the KULeuven.

Linh Dam


Linh Dam is the CTO of Judge.me and was involved in the project from day 1. Originally working weekends on Judge.me starting January 2015, Linh went full time in April of 2016.

Before Judge.me, Linh was the front-end lead for HipVan, a multimillion dollar furniture ecommerce company based in Singapore. Linh is a fullstack developer, building on his job experience as a Ruby of Rails developer.

Linh Dam is born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam. He holds a bachelor degree in computer science from RMIT.

Work at Judge.me

If you are interested in joining Judge.me, please email our support. As a bootstrapped company paying western salaries and focused on employee ownership, our hiring pace is intentionally slow but we are always keen to talk to potential future team mates.

We are looking for senior developers who:

  • can self-manage and deliver code without handholding
  • thrive on working remotely in a small team
  • have an investment mentality, and want to build for the long term
  • care about great customer support, with a willingness to help out
  • are familiar with our tech stack (Ruby on Rails, vanilla JavaScript, Sidekiq, Heroku)
  • have experience with ecommerce platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, etc)

What Judge.me offers:

  • Western salary, with automatic raises based on targets
  • Real ownership (~2.5% per year as 3rd team member)
  • Dividends twice a year, if there is a profit
  • Work days of 6 hours of real work (not including breaks), 5 days a week
  • Work from anywhere in the world, during the hours that suit your biorhythm
  • Maximum freedom, as long as it does not hurt the business